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We all want to feel safe in our own homes. The four walls of your house stand as protection for everything you hold dear–your family and the possessions you’ve worked hard for. But strengthening your home security calls for familiarity and practice of the best home defense tips against invasion.

Security isn’t a given thing. There are pathetic people out there who’d rather take your hard-earned belongings rather than create wealth of their own. Others aren’t even looking for money–they’re warped-minded individuals who are specifically looking to harm innocent men, women, and children.

We’d all like to believe a home invasion could never happen to us. But the 2 million people whose homes are broken into each year probably thought the same thing before it happened to them.

While you can’t control whether a felon will choose your home as a target, you can take important measures to dissuade intruders, prevent their entry, and make them wish they’d stayed far, far away in the case they do get in.

These are the best tips against home invasion to follow.

Create Barriers

best home defense tips

I got in touch with SHTF Survival, a prep and survival page that regularly shares useful content related to everything from guns to food to current events.

These are the words of wisdom they shared with me:

“It’s a hacker’s mentality. If it’s there and they want it, they will get it. It’s about creating barriers and making it harder. Dogs are a good deterrent, to video surveillance, to alarm systems, to weapons-of-choice to defend oneself, and even a safe room to even leave the location. You can prepare, but in real time it’s a different story. That’s pretty much it.”

If you create the right kinds of barriers, a lot of home intruders will back down. Remember, they want as easy a target as possible. If they realize they can’t make it in easily without risking getting caught, they’ll go look elsewhere.

Some proven barriers you can use to protect your home are:

  • Get a security dog to alert you of invasion and to attack intruders
  • Put up floodlights–intruders love the darkness
  • Install a tall fence and add barbs as an extra deterrent
  • Add metal doors and a dead-lock as an additional line of defense
  • Consider an alarm system that notifies you when someone is nearing your property–but not yet at your house
  • Hide tools and heavy objects so that burglars can’t use them to break in

Creating these barriers will be enough to keep the bad guys away in most situations. Of course, you should be ready inside in case they’re highly determined and manage to get through. But naturally, you don’t want it to come to that–you want to prevent an entry at all cost.

Prepare a Safe Room

panic room home defense strategies

During a threatening situation, it’s best to escape if possible. You want to get out of harm’s way and to the police.

However, since escaping with intruders roaming your home is unfeasible in many circumstances, it’s wise to have a safe room.

A safe room is just what it sounds like–a safe place you can hide out in until police arrive.

And it doesn’t have to be a bunker with concrete walls and a steel door (although that wouldn’t hurt). You can actually turn any room or closet in your home into a safe room.

The key is to choose a room that has no natural light coming in. There should be no windows. There should only be one way in.

To safeguard your door from being thrown open with brute force, install a steel doorjam.

Be sure to stock up your safe room with important survival supplies: (charged) cell phone, first aid kit, water, and your weapon of choice.

Once you’re inside your safe room, do not leave until the police arrive. Do your best to keep your location a secret. Don’t try to negotiate with the intruders. Wait it out until law enforcement comes to take them away. And if they manage to get in before that, dispose of them as best you can.

Make a Family Emergency Plan

tips to prepare for home invasion intruders

This is absolutely vital. Planning out beforehand what you and your loved ones will do in a critical situation can mean the difference between life and death.

Most people don’t prepare. When crisis catches them by surprise, they wing it. Without any survival blueprint in their mind to guide them, they can only depend on their instinct.

But instinct can fail us. Ignorance can lead us to do something that isn’t only wrong, but stupid. Plus, lack of preparation only compounds the fear. And if you let fear cloud your judgment and get the better of you when your life is on the line, you can end up committing a truly fatal mistake.

So make a family survival plan. Do it. The exact nature of your plan depends on many factors, including how many people are in your family, what ages they are, the size of your house. You want to plan for variables like time of day, injuries, etc.

Some things you’ll want to consider are:

  • Where will your defense weapon be? Will you be able to access it quickly?
  • If you have children, what will you do after you get to their room?
  • Do you have a viable way of escaping from your home?
  • Who will call the police? Who will guard the door with firearm in hand?

You want to get as detailed as you possibly can. That way, when the real deal happens, you’re less prone to panic. Instead, your mind starts running down the list of eventualities you’ve prepared for.

Arm Yourself

firearms guns home defense

If you’re serious about protecting your home and family, you need to prepare for the possibility of a confrontation. That doesn’t mean you’re going to go looking for a fight. But you may have no choice in the matter. Just remember this: anyone who breaks into your home at night when they know you’re there has no qualms about taking your life if that means avoiding jail. Likewise, you should not hesitate to do what is necessary to defend yourself. It’s you or them.

Like it or not, a firearm is your best weapon for defense. If the intruder has nothing more than a knife or blunt object and you have a gun, you have the advantage. And if they have a gun, you definitely don’t want to be without one.

Rob Ski over at the extremely popular Youtube Channel AK Operators Union, Local 47-74 lays it out very clearly:

“My #1 home defense tip is to have a weapon on you all the time. This isn’t joking matter. More and more break ins are done in bright daylight and criminals are getting more and more cocky. You can’t count on police alone to save your ass. Responsibility for your safety and safety of your family is in your hands.”

Apply for concealed carry to remain armed when you’re out and about. Keep your gun on your person when you’re in your home. And when you go to sleep at night, place your firearm in a safe place you can reach very quickly (like a drawer right by your bed).

The firearm you select as your home defense weapon is up to you, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Shotguns are popular for the ease of hitting targets at close range with buckshot or slugs. A semiautomatic rifle can be extremely useful against multiple invaders, which is a very likely scenario.

Whatever you choose, make sure you get in a lot of practice. The last thing you want is to be learning how to use a weapon when someone has broken into your house.

Protect Your Garage Door

protect garage door home invasion home defense tips

Our pal JJ Johnson, who runs Reality Survival–one of the best preparedness blogs out there–has some fantastic insight about the importance of safeguarding your garage. Turns out it can be a real weak spot in your house. Here’s how JJ puts it:

There are multiple really good home defense tips that are super easy to do and very effective. The ones that many people know about such as having plenty of exterior lighting, adding a home security sign, thorny shrubs, owning a dog, etc. are all very effective.  But I would like to share with you one method that is a little lesser known, but it is a really simple tip for preventing break ins through your garage door.

“Thieves love to break into garages because it is super easy and very quick–under ten seconds!  It is also relatively easy and quiet and doesn’t leave big signs of entry like breaking the glass in a door or window.

“Thieves like this method of entering the home because once they are inside the garage they can close the door and then slow down and take their time and make sure they get all of your valuables. But if you use this quick and simple tip you can keep them from being able to easily break into your home through the garage door. I demonstrate how to do a quick modification to your garage door in this video:

Hopefully this helps you keep your family and valuables a little safer! For more information like this please stop by if you have the chance!

(Hint: The Door Doctor of South Florida can also help you protect your garage door against invasion).


No one wants to imagine something like a home invasion taking place. But by preparing for the worst, you can make the best of a very dangerous situation.

Remember, create barriers against intruders. Prepare a safe room. Make a family emergency plan. Arm yourself. Protect your garage door. With these five of the best home defense tips for invasion, you’ll be in a better position to stay safe and secure the people you most care about.

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